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current offers for MAY - July 2016

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new business signs pack


new business pack:

1. Opening Soon banner in full colour measuring 3m x 1m

2. Business Cards 1000 units, double sided

3. Magnetics for your vehicle, 2 units measuring 45cm x 30cm

PRICE: 299€ +iva

trade show display pack

offer 2

display pack

1. Rollup sign measuring 85 x 206cm, full colour graphic complete with carry case

2. Double sided Aboard measuring 100 x 70cm with graphics included

3. Banner in full colour measuring 200 x 150cm

PRICE: 399€ +iva


full wrap special offer!

offer 3

Full wrap pack

1 full wrap on a compact vehicle (not including SUV's), in black ultra metallic vinyl from Avery Supreme Wrapping Film

Includes full exterior wrap, bumpers, rear view mirrors etc.

Top Quality vinyl used.

PRICE: 1499€ +iva